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Temporary placement

Get an extra employee without committing to permanent employment.

This is ideal in case of unexpected absenteeism or a sudden increase

in workload. You avoid employing more people than you actually need.

You only pay per hour
By taking on a temporary worker, you only pay for the hours that the

person works. You can get workers for just one day or a longer period

of time – it is completely up to you.

We take care of all requirements
We will help with your daily and seasonal requirements, whether your need is one person for one day - or an entire team for a long-term project.

All temps are checked and interviewed
To ensure both a skill and personality match, all of our temporary workers are thoroughly interviewed, reference checked and appropriately tested, before you meet them.

Temp to Perm

This is the perfect solution if you are unsure whether you need a temporary or a full-time employee.

Get a temp now, and decide later
Initially, you get a temporary worker, provided by TEMP-TEAM, allowing you to assess your workload and then decide whether to engage in a permanent recruitment at a later stage.

Assess the worker well before hiring
You get the chance to ensure that any potential full time employee has the skills and personality that you require. This is a great opportunity to assess whether the worker will be a long-term asset to your business.

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